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Address:Room 401,403 Haibo Building, No. 3615 Gonghe New Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai,China,200435

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Through self-R&D and accumulation of experience, we have formed following main product series: CHEMICAL SOLVENTS,FOOD ADDTIVES, FOOD MACHINERY, API & ITS INTERMEDIATES. At the present, we have gained substantial customer base on the above core product series in the South-east Asia,Europe,North America and Africa. Our main customers include: BASF,BAYER,GIVAUDAN,SINOPEC,SINOCHEM and so on. The ever-lasting core competences for us are from the following four aspects:

1. we have our own R&D competence and production bases in China in the fields of chemical solvents like methyl acetate and in the field of food machinery.
2. we set up joint ventures with domestic manufacturers to develop FOOD ADDTIVES;
3. we realize the multi-level cooperation with domestic manufacturers, like by supplying them  raw materials at competitive prices and promoting their finished chemicals internationally.
4. we have substantial customer base and have been the main international supplier for chemical solvents like Methyl Acetate, Dimethyl Carbonate, Propylene Glycol, N-hexane, DPnB, TPnB, etc.
Fore more details, please see the product list for your reference.

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