Tetrahydrophthalic Anhydride, THPA

Cas No.: 935-79-5
MF: C8H8O3
Other name: cis-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydrophthalic anhydride
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Soluble in general organic solvents, slightly soluble in petroleum ether. Appearance: White flaky solid. The melting point is 100℃ and the flash point is 156℃.

THPA has a wide range of uses, for example, used as epoxy resin curing agent, used in plasticizers, alkyd resins, unsaturated polyester resins, used in the production of surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, herbicides, plant growth Inhibitors, insecticides, fungicides, insect repellents, fiber treatment agents, lubricant additives, etc.

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