Polyanionic Cellulose(PAC)

CAS NO.:9004-32-4
Appearance: White or Yellowish Powder
Packing: 25kg/bag
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PAC be widely used in petroleum drilling field. Mainly as a viscosifier ,rheology control agent and fluid loss agent used in drilling fluid,with strong ability of suspension,carrying drilling cutting effectively,protecting borehole wall,preventing loss of mud,protecting drill and thinning thickness of the mud cake;It is suitable for fresh water,sea water and saturated salt water mud with high yield rate,good alkali resistance and strong antibacterial properties. It has good thermal stability, and still can effectively reduce water loss at temperature above 150 ℃ .

In the completion fluid,it mainly controls the viscosity of fluid、suspends the weight、carries the filler and prevent the fluid loss.

High viscosity CMC can be used in the fracturing fluid,rapidly improve the viscosity of fracturing fluid,effectively carry proppant into oil well fracture to establish seepage channels,quickly reduce the amount of fluid loss,rise the formation pressure quickly to achieve the efficient transfer of pressure,make the product without residue and no damage to formation.

Oil drilling fluid products:CMC-HV、CMC-LV、PAC-LV 、PAC-R、PAC-HV
Fracturing fluid products:GFH6000

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