Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides, GTCC

Cas No.: 65381-09-1
MF: C21H44O7
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It is also known as GTCC. GTCC is a mixed triester of glycerin and medium-carbon fatty acids in vegetable oils. It is a colorless, odorless, low-viscosity lipophilic emollient with extremely high antioxidant properties.

Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides is widely used in sunscreen oil, cream and lotion; after-sun protection cream and lotion; used in hair modification oil, cream and head oil, which can make the hair shiny, smooth and easy to comb; bath oil; skin care oil and nutrient solution. It makes the skin lubricated and shiny, and the nutrition is easily absorbed by the skin, which plays a very good role in the uniform and delicate cosmetics.

Food grade: used as an emulsifier in beverages, ice cream, chocolate, candy, milk powder, and cream.

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