Glyceryl monostearate GMS90, Distilled Glycerin Monostearate DGM

Cas No.: 31566-31-1
Other name: Glycerol monostearate
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Glyceryl monostearate is a white to cream-colored, wax-like solid in the form of beads, flakes, or powder. It is waxy to the touch and has a slight fatty odor and taste.

While the names glyceryl monostearate and mono- and diglycerides are used for a variety of esters of long-chain fatty acids, the esters fall into two distinct grades:

40–55 percent monoglycerides The PhEur 6.0 describes glyceryl monostearate 40–55 as a mixture of monoacylglycerols, mostly monostearoylglycerol, together with quantities of di- and triacylglycerols. It contains 40–55% of monoacylglycerols, 30–45% of diacylglycerols, and 5–15% of triacylglycerols. This PhEur grade corresponds to mono- and di-glycerides USP– NF, which has similar specifications (not less than 40% monoglycerides).

90 percent monoglycerides The USP32–NF27 describes glyceryl monostearate as consisting of not less than 90% of monoglycerides of saturated fatty acids, chiefly glyceryl monostearate (C21H42O4) and glyceryl monopalmitate (C19H38O4).

The commercial products are mixtures of variable proportions of glyceryl monostearate and glyceryl monopalmitate.

1. It is an emulsifier that helps form neutral, stable emulsions. It is also a solvent, humectant, and consistency regulator in water-in-oil and oil-in-water formulations. In addition, it can be used as a skin lubricant and imparts a pleasant skin feel. glyceryl stearate is a mixture of mono-, di-, and triglycerides of palmitic and stearic acids, and is made from glycerin and stearic fatty acids. Derived for cosmetic use from palm kernel or soy oil, it is also found in the human body. It is very mild with a low skin-irritation profile; however, a slight risk of irritation exists if products contain poor quality glyceryl stearate.

2. GMS made from soybean oil derived fatty acid. This product finds uses in both food and cosmetic applications.
It's an self emulsifying nonionic surfactant, used as a lubricant in confectionery, as a release agent and as a dough softener. It is used as a low HLB emulsifier in personal care products where non animal grade products are needed.

3. Glyceryl monostearate (glycerin monostearate; glyceryl stearate) is widely used in cosmetics. It is an emulsifying and solubilizing ingredient, dispersing agent, emollient, formula stabilizer, and surface-action agent. employed in baby creams, face masks, foundation, and hand lotions, it is often derived from hydrogenated soybean oil. glyceryl monostearate has little or no G toxicity.

4. Commercially, glyceryl monostearate is synthesized from mono triglycerides, diglycerides, and triglycerides of palmitic acid and stearic acid. Glycerol monostearate is often used as an emulsifier to stabilize the product and prevent separation. It is found in many personal care products such as moisturizers, eye creams, sunscreens, cosmetics, and hand creams. Glycerol monostearate is also used as a preservative.

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