Sodium benzoate

Cas No.: 532-32-1
MF: C7H5NaO2
Grade: Food grade, industrial grade
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Sodium benzoate is a white crystals or granules, or colorless powder.

99.0% min
Loss on drying
The Acid &Alkalinity
Free flowing white powder
Clarity of Solution
Clear& Colourless
Total Chlorine
Heavy metal

It is a commonly used food preservative in my country's food industry. It is odorless or slightly smells of benzoin, and has a sweet and astringent taste. It can be used in carbonated drinks, concentrated fruit juice, margarine, gum base, jam, jelly, soy sauce, etc. The acceptable daily intake (ADI) for humans is <5 mg/kg body weight (based on benzoic acid).

It is used as a fungicide in the pharmaceutical industry, a mordant in the dye industry, and a plasticizer in the plastics industry. It is also used as an intermediate in organic synthesis such as spices.

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