Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, SALP

Cas No.: 7785-88-8
Types: Sodium aluminum phosphate, Basic/Acid

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It is a white powder; odorless. Insoluble in water; soluble in hydrochloric acid.

1. Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Acidic is a leavening agent, slowly soluble in water, which gives it a delayed leavening reaction. it has a ph of 2.8. approximately 20% of the carbon dioxide is released during the mixing period and the remainder is released during the baking period when the batter is exposed to heat. it has a high tolerance to variation in batter preparation. it is used in prepared mixes such as cake and pancake mixes.
2. Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Basic is an emulsifier that is a white powder which is barely soluble in water. it has a ph of 9.2. it may be used in processed cheese to provide consistency and to aid in eliminating surface crystals.
3. Food additive (baked products), as buffer, modifier, emulsifier, nutrient and canning preservative.

Packing: in 25kgs net paper bags, 25 tons for FCL withou pallet.

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