Corrosion Inhibitor DTPMPA

Cas No.: 15827-60-8
MF: C9H28N3O15P5
Other Name: Diethylenetriaminepenta(methylene-phosphonic acid), DTPMP 
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DTPMP is a kind of widely used corrosion inhibiting and descaling agents, outward appearance is brown color or red-brown thick liquid, nontoxic, relative molecular weight is 573.2, be soluble in acidic solution, can form polynary ring huge legendary turtle compound with metal ion in the aqueous solution, loosely is scattered in water, destroy the calcium salt crystalline growths such as carbonate, sulfate scale, thereby play scale effect, can suppress the generation of carbonate, sulfate scale.

Under alkaline environment and high temperature, anticorrosion-antiscaling property is good.
Diethylenetriamine five methene phosphoric acid are used as the anti-incrustation corrosion inhibitor of recirculated cooling water and feedwater in water treatment, be specially adapted to the anti-incrustation corrosion inhibitor of alkaline recirculated cooling water, and can be used for containing the high oil-field flooding of barium carbonate and the anti-incrustation corrosion inhibitor of water coolant, use separately this product in compound drug, without adding dispersion agent, the dirt deposition amount is still very little.

This product also can be used as peroxide stabiliser, for textile printing and dyeing in the dispersion agent, oxygen delignification stablizer, chemical fertilizer of sequestrant, pigment trace element carry agent, concrete additive; In addition, at aspects such as papermaking, plating, metal pickling and makeup; Also can make the stablizer of oxidizing bactericide.

Applicated Industries: Water treatment formulations, Detergent & personal care product additive, Industrial & institutional cleaners, Oil field additive, Textile as peroxide bleach Stabilizer & leather auxiliary chemicals.

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