Lauramidopropyl betaine LAB 30%

Cas No.: 4292-10-8
MF: C19H38N2O3
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Lauramidopropyl betaine is an slightly  yellow clear liquid, it's a new type of special amphoteric surfactant, which belongs to the same series as lauramidopropyl betaine, and is a modified derivative of alkyl betaine.

Lauramidopropyl betaine has the characteristics of temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good salt resistance, wide isoelectric point and strong viscoelasticity, etc. It is widely used in oil field oil repelling, leather, daily chemical industry and other fields.

As a good viscoelastic surfactant applied to the substrate acidification of oilfield, it can effectively reduce the oil/water interfacial tension and improve the recovery rate of tertiary oil recovery. Also it can be used as conditioning agent, wetting agent, bactericide, antistatic agent, emulsifier, thickener and in self-steering acid system for carbonate acidification.

Light yellow clear liquid
Active matter
PH value
Free amine content
0.5% Max
Sodium chloride
0.6% Max
200 Max

LAB is used cosmetic and hair compositions of enhanced viscosity and clarity.

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