Diacetone acrylamide DAAM

Cas No.: 2873-97-4
MF: C9H15NO2
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White or slightly yellow flaky crystals. Colorless when melted. Melting point 57-58℃, boiling point 120℃ (1.07kPa), 93-100℃ (13.3-40Pa), relative density 0.998 (60/4℃).

Important vinyl monomer. The homopolymer produced by polymerization is insoluble in water, but has "water breathing ability". The water absorption rate can reach 20-25% of the resin's own weight. When the ambient humidity is lower than 60%, the water absorbed by the polymer is released. The water acts as a plasticizer for the polymer. Taking advantage of this unique property, a variety of uses can be developed.

(1) Perm resin with good moisture resistance. Japan uses it as a moisture-resistant perm resin. The hair style can be maintained for a long time and will not deform when exposed to rain or rinsed.
(2) Photosensitive resin. When this product is used as part of the raw material of photosensitive resin, it can have the following characteristics: fast photosensitivity; the non-image part can be easily removed after exposure to obtain a clear image; it can obtain good strength, solvent resistance, and water resistance. layout. In addition, it can also be used as a cross-linking agent for unsaturated polyester resins, a cross-linking agent for diallyl phthalate, and a curing agent for epoxy resins, such as for "water-breathing" resins (contact lenses, protective Glass fogging, ship bottom coating, etc.), pressure-sensitive adhesives, adhesion improvers, non-woven fabric adhesives, water-absorbent films, leather finishing agents and improvers, paper strength enhancers, anti-static polymers, inks, etc.

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