Vinyl Acetate Monomer VAM

Cas No.: 108-05-4
MF: C4H6O2
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Colorless flammable liquid with sweet ether aroma. Miscible with ethanol, soluble in ether, acetone, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents, but insoluble in water.

Vinyl acetate is the main raw material for the manufacture of synthetic fiber vinylon.

It can be polymerized by itself or copolymerized with monomers to obtain polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (EVA), vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride copolymer (EVC), vinyl acetate-acrylonitrile fiber, vinyl acetate -Acrylate copolymers, all of which have important industrial uses, are widely used as adhesives, architectural coatings, textile sizing and finishing agents, paper reinforcements, and in the manufacture of safety glass. 

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