Glycidyl methacrylate GMA

Cas No.: 106-91-2
MF: C7H10O3
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It is a colorless, transparent and low-viscosity liquid at room temperature, soluble in common organic solvents but insoluble in water. Due to the use of epichlorohydrin in the production process, there is usually a small amount of epichlorohydrin remaining in the product.

GMA has the typical smell of acrylic esters and has some irritation on skin and eye contact. Both liquids and gases are flammable. Polymerization may occur at higher temperatures, so a polymerization inhibitor must be added.

Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA) is a monomer that has both an acrylate double bond and an epoxy group.

The acrylate double bond has high reactivity and can undergo self-polymerization or copolymerization with many other monomers; while the epoxy group can react with hydroxyl, amino, carboxyl or acid anhydride to introduce more Functional groups, thereby bringing more functionality to the product. Therefore, GMA is widely used in organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, polymer modification, composite materials, UV curing materials, coatings, adhesives, leather, chemical fiber papermaking, printing and dyeing, etc.

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