Taconic acid

Cas No.: 97-65-4
MF: C5H6O4
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It is white crystal or powder at room temperature, with a melting point of 165-168°C and a specific gravity of 1.632. It is soluble in water, ethanol and other solvents. Itaconic acid has active chemical properties and can carry out various addition reactions, esterification reactions and polymerization reactions.

1. Itaconic acid and its polymers can be made into efficient deodorants by adding a small amount of natural substances, which can react with ammonia, amines, alkaline odors, hydrogen sulfide and other acidic odors, and can also be made into paper with deodorizing function , plastic film and other series of products.

2. Itaconic acid can be copolymerized with styrene and butadiene to make S.B.R latex, which can be used for paper coating to make the paper strong and the printing pattern bright; used for metal and concrete coatings, it is easy to color and is not affected by natural conditions; Used as a paint additive to improve paint quality; used in carpet sizing to make synthetic fiber carpets durable.

3. Itaconic acid is polymerized with acrylic acid or methacrylic acid or its esters to form a resin, which can be used for surface coatings and emulsified paints;
As a leather coating to increase the plasticity of the leather;
Used as a coating for automobiles, electrical appliances, and cold storage, it has the advantages of strong adhesion, beautiful color, and resistance to harsh weather;
Used as electrophoretic coating with excellent adhesion;
Adding polyvalent metal oxides can produce dental adhesives with good extrusion performance, strong adhesion, and good physiological adaptability;
Adding chloroalkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride can make water-soluble coatings, which can be used in food packaging materials to reduce bacterial contamination on the surface of packaging materials.

4. Esters made from itaconic acid can be used in paints, weakly acidic ion exchange resins, lubricant additives, binders and plasticizers, powdered plastics and sealants.

5. Itaconic acid forms other derivatives that can be used as medicines, cosmetic reagents, lubricants, thickeners, herbicides and to improve the properties of silk and wool fabrics.

6. Itaconate is a raw material for the production of citraconic acid, mesaconic acid, itaconic anhydride, etc.

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