Methacrylic acid MAA

Cas No.: 79-41-4
MF: C4H6O2
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It is a colorless and transparent liquid at room temperature. Easily soluble in hot water, ethanol and most organic solvents.

Important organic chemical raw materials and polymer intermediates. Its most important derivative product, methyl methacrylate, produces organic glass that can be used in windows of aircraft and civil buildings, and can also be processed into buttons, solar filters, car light lenses, etc.; the coatings produced have superior suspension and rheology properties and durability properties;

The resulting adhesive can be used for bonding metal, leather, plastics and building materials; the methacrylate polymer emulsion is used as a fabric finishing agent and antistatic agent. In addition, methacrylic acid can also be used as a raw material for synthetic rubber.

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