Monoethanolamine, Ethanolamine, MEA

Cas No.: 141-43-5
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Colorless viscous liquid. Easy to absorb moisture and smell of ammonia. Specific gravity 1.0117 (25/4℃). Melting point 10.3℃. Boiling point 170.8℃. Refractive index 1.4539.
It is miscible with water, methanol and acetone, slightly soluble in benzene and ether, and slightly soluble in n-pentane. It is strongly alkaline, with a dissociation constant K=3.39×10-10 (25℃); the pH of 25% aqueous solution is 12.1, and it can absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Its hydrochloride is a hygroscopic crystal with a melting point of 75-77°C.

Industrially produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide and ammonia. Ethanolamine is an important chemical raw material used in pharmaceuticals, spices, surfactants, coatings, emulsifiers, etc. It is also a leather softener and pesticide dispersant; it can also be used for gas purification to remove carbon dioxide and sulfide in the gas.

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