Thioglycolic acid TGA

Cas No.: 68-11-1
Content: ≥99%
Other Name: Mercaptoacetic acid
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Pure thioglycolic acid is a colorless and transparent liquid, while industrial products are colorless to slightly yellow and have a strong pungent odor. Miscible with water, ethanol and ether. Perming products use thioglycolic acid to break some of the disulfide bonds in the hair to change the curvature of the hair to achieve perming and hair styling effects. However, thioglycolic acid is toxic and is easily absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract, causing symptoms such as skin damage and allergies, and even affecting body metabolism. Long-term exposure can cause damage to various tissues and organs, and has strong mutagenicity and reproductive toxicity. Therefore, it needs to be strictly controlled.

Thioglycolic acid (TGA) is mainly used as a raw material for carpet finishing agents and cold perming solutions. TGA has the reaction characteristics of both hydroxy acids and mercapto groups. The most important reaction is the reaction with disulfide. In particular, it reacts with cystine in hair under alkaline conditions and cuts the (-S-S-) bond of cystine to generate cysteine that is easy to curl. Mainly used as curling agent, depilatory agent, low-toxic or non-toxic stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride, initiator, accelerator and chain transfer agent of polymerization reaction, and metal surface treatment agent. In addition, thioglycolic acid is a sensitive reagent for the determination of iron, molybdenum, aluminum, tin, etc.; it can also be used as a crystallization nucleating agent during polypropylene processing and molding, as well as a modifier for coatings, fibers, and a blanket speed conditioner.

Packing: 250kg/ drum

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