N,N'-Ethylenebis(stearamide), EBS

Cas No.: 110-30-5
Other name: Acrawax, Ethylene Bis Stearamide
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EBS is white to light yellow powder or granular matter. Relative density 0.98 (25 ℃), melting point 130~145 ℃. Flash point is about 285 ℃. Insoluble in water, but powdery at 80 ℃

Ethylene bis stearamide can be used as:
(1) Plastic lubricants can be used as internal lubricants for molding, polishing, and injection molding of hard ABS, hard vinyl chloride, etc. The mixing amount is 0.5-2.0, which does not affect the thermal stability and surface of the plastic. Appearance, color tone, film transparency, etc.
(2) Casting lubricant When casting the shell, adding this product as a lubricant to the mixture of resin and sand can provide lubrication.
(3) Bone moistening agent for metal processing and powder metallurgy. When drawing iron wire, using this product can increase the drawing speed, extend the life of the metal mold, and improve the smoothness of the iron wire surface. In addition, in Loumo metallurgical molding, this product is used for bonding before the metal is melted, and this product is used as a lubricant for the metal mold, which can reduce the wear of the metal mold.
(4) Anti-adhesive agent: Adding this product to adhesives, waxes, plastics, etc. has the effect of preventing caking and good release properties.
(5) Viscosity regulator. Used in asphalt and paint remover. Adding this product to asphalt can increase the softening point, reduce the viscosity, and improve the corrosion resistance to water or acid. Adding this product to the paint stripper can improve the performance of the paint stripper.
(6) Anti-corrosion agent Wax is usually used to prevent corrosion of electrical parts. If this product is added to the wax, the properties of the wax layer can be improved. In addition, adding this product to paint or spray paint can improve its salt water resistance and water resistance.
(7) Surface brightening agent: Adding this product to the rubber in the paint can improve the smoothness of the baking paint surface and the surface gloss of the rubber products. This product is non-toxic. The United States, Japan and many other countries have approved the use of this product to make food packaging materials.

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