Dimeryl diisocyanate DDI

Cas No.:68239-06-5
MF: C38H70N2O2
Other name: 2-heptyl-3,4-bis(9-isocyanatononyl)-1-pentylcyclohexane
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DDI is a unique aliphatic diisocyanate that can be used to prepare polymers with active hydrogen-containing compounds. DDI is a low viscosity liquid that is easily soluble in most polar or non-polar solvents. It is a typical green bio-renewable special isocyanate variety that can be widely used in various fields such as fabric finishing, elastomers, adhesives and sealants, coatings, and inks.

It can be used to prepare polyurethane (urea) elastomers with special properties, fabric surface finishing, adhesives and sealants, water repellents for paper, leather and fabrics, wood anti-corrosion treatment, electrical appliance potting, etc. 
1. DDI has promising application prospects in the treatment of water-repellent and softening properties of fabrics. It is easy to form a stable aqueous emulsion with water, which can make fabrics soft and supple for a long time; as a fabric water-repellent agent, it has a good water-repellent effect, and it has an obvious effect on improving fluoride-based fabric water- and oil-repellent agents.
2. Polyurethane resin and polyurea resin made of DDI have good elasticity and ductility, high strength, low water sensitivity, wear resistance, chemical solvent resistance and low temperature resistance. It also does not turn yellow.
3. DDI and hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) are compatible and reactive. The polymer prepared without plasticizer has better low hardness than usual.
4. DDI-based polyurea coating has good bonding effect with metal and wood without cracks, showing good weather resistance, tensile properties and bonding properties.

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