Lauramidopropylamine Oxide, LAPAO/LAO

Cas No.: 61792-31-2
MF: C17H36N2O2
Content: 30%, 35%
Other Name: Laurylamidopropyldimethylamine oxide
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Clear to light yellow liquid. 

Lauramidopropylamine oxide is a non-ionic surfactant. As its name suggests that non-ionic surfactants do not possess electrical charges.   
Amphoteric surfactants are known as zwitterionic surfactants, are temperature/brine salinity tolerant. This type of surfactant is used for foam enhancement and viscosity building.

It's able to reduce the irritation of other surfactants in products. It has good thickening, antistatic, foaming and decontamination properties and is very gentle to skin and hair. It can be used in shower gel, facial cleanser, hand soap, baby care products, dishwashing detergent and other products.

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