Sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate SDBS

Cas No.: 25155-30-0
MF: C18H29NaO3S
Purity: 80%
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White or light yellow powder or flake solid, difficult to volatilize, easily soluble in water, and can form a translucent solution when dissolved in water. It is chemically stable to alkali, dilute acid and hard water, and is a commonly used anionic surfactant.

1. High-efficiency emulsifying and dispersing agent for pressure-sensitive adhesive polymerization, dosage 1%-0.1%.
2. The main raw materials of advanced cleaning agents, stain removers, and advanced detergents can give you a white color and efficient stain, oil and antistatic capabilities.
3. The main additive for antistatic and cleaning effects in textile oils.
4. Excellent antistatic agent for polyester base materials and film bases, especially for polyester-based movies and photographic films.

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