Sucralose, Splenda

Cas No.:56038-13-2
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Sucralose is a white powdery product that is easily soluble in water, ethanol and methanol. It is currently the only functional sweetener produced with sucrose as raw material. Its sweetness is 600 times that of sucrose, and its sweetness is pure. The sweetness characteristics are very similar to sucrose without any bitter aftertaste; it has no calories, no caries, and good stability, especially in aqueous solutions.

After a long period of toxicological testing, it has been proven that it is extremely safe. It is currently the best functional sweetener and is widely used in beverages.

In the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, since sucralose is a new non-nutritive sweetener and an ideal food additive for patients with obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, its application in health food and medicine continues to expand.

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