Bis(2-propylheptyl) Phthalate DPHP

Cas No.: 53306-54-0
MF: C28H46O4
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DPHP is basically colorless, transparent liquid, highly stable and soluble in most organic solvents.DPHP has good compatibility with PVC, plasticizing efficiency is comparable to DINP, but the specific gravity is smaller than DINP, which is better than DIDP.
DPHP has the same electrical insulation properties as DIDP, but has the least volatility, can withstand higher temperatures and has the highest safety. DPHP has significantly better weather resistance than DIDP and is more suitable for plasticizing PVC for outdoor use, has lower volatility in soft vinyl and can be used in motor vehicles and wire and cable. DPHP can directly replace DIDP when making 90 degree cable material.

Colorless and transparent liquid
Acidity (mgKOH/g)
Specific gravity (20/20℃)
Flash point (open cup method℃)
Refractive index (25℃)
Heating decrement (wt%)
Water content (wt%)
117 more or less 3
Color (APHA NO)

1. It has been widely used in wire and cable industry because of its good anti-heat aging property, and may need to be mixed with other plasticizers in practical application.
2. Compared with the general-purpose plasticizers dioctyl phthalate (DOP) or diisononyl phthalate (DINP), the atomization value is greatly reduced, so the quality of automotive interior products can be greatly improved.
This low fogging performance of DPHP has been appreciated by leading automotive leather manufacturers in Europe and the U.S., and has been widely used. There is also great interest from domestic synthetic leather
manufacturers to use DPHP to effectively improve product quality and upgrade their products.
3. With excellent outdoor weatherability and high UV stability, it will give PVC outdoor products a long product life and is an ideal choice for PVC outdoor products. In Europe and the US, DPHP has been used for swimming pool liner materials, tarpaulins and many other applications.

Packing: 900kg IBC drum, 200kg iron drum or flexibag about 16~23 tons for FCL.

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