Poly(vinyl alcohol) PVA resin

Cas No.: 9002-89-5
Types: PVA 1788, PVA 2488 etc.
Particle Size: from flake to 200 mesh
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Polyvinyl alcohol is a solid that can be in the form of white powder, flakes or floc.
Glass transition temperature is 60~85℃. Polyvinyl alcohol contains many alcohol groups, is polar, and can form hydrogen bonds with water, so it can be dissolved in polar water. Polyvinyl alcohol is also soluble in hot hydroxyl-containing solvents such as glycerol, phenol, etc., but insoluble in general organic solvents such as methanol, benzene, acetone, and gasoline.

Mainly used in the textile industry for warp sizing, fabric finishing agents, and vinylon fiber raw materials; in the construction and decoration industry for 107 glue, interior and exterior wall coatings, and adhesives; in the chemical industry as polymer emulsifiers, dispersants, and polyvinyl formal and acetal. Acetaldehyde, butyral resin; used as paper adhesive in the papermaking industry; used in agriculture as soil conditioner, pesticide adhesion synergist and polyvinyl alcohol film; also used in daily cosmetics and high-frequency quenching agent, etc. aspect.

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