Guar gum

Cas No.: 9000-30-0
Grade: Food / Industrial
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White to light yellowish brown free flowing powder. Nearly odorless.
It can be dispersed in hot or cold water to form a viscous liquid. The viscosity of 1% aqueous solution is about 4 to 5 Pa·S, which is the highest viscosity among natural gums. Adding a small amount of sodium tetraborate transforms into a gel.

Food grade: frozen food: prevents the generation of ice residue and increases freezing and thawing stability. Baked Goods: Maintains moisture and improves texture. Beverages: Improve taste and stabilize particle suspension. Salad dressing: thickener, replacing oil. Cheese and cream: improve texture. Cooked meat: maintain water juice and increase smoothness. Vegetarian meat food: replacing fat ingredients. Stay hydrated. Pet-friendly product: Increases oiliness and maintains humidity.

Industrial grade: oil well fracturing and other drilling industries. Carpet, textile printing and dyeing and leather chemicals. Building materials, cement, paint, mosquito adhesive, porcelain tiles. Paper industry, pharmaceutical industry. Shampoos, detergents, skin care products, cosmetics.

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