Xanthan gum

Cas No.:11138-66-2
Fineness: 80, 200 mesh
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Xanthan gum occurs as a cream- or white-colored, odorless, freeflowing, fine powder.

1. Xanthan Gum is a gum obtained by microbial fermentation from the xanthomonas campestris organism. it is very stable to viscosity change over varying temperatures, ph, and salt concentrations. it is also very pseudoplastic which results in a decrease in viscosity with increasing shear. it reacts synergistically with guar gum and tara gum to provide an increase in viscosity and with carob gum to provide an increase in viscosity or gel formation. it is used in salad dressings, sauces, desserts, baked goods, and beverages at 0.05–0.50%.
2. In foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics as stabilizer and thickening agent. For rheology control in water-based systems. In oil and gas drilling and completion fluids.
3. xanthan gum (corn starch gum) serves as a texturizer, carrier agent, and gelling agent in cosmetic preparations. It also stabilizes and thickens formulations. This gum is produced through a fermentation of carbohydrate and Xanthomonas campestris.

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