tert-Butylhydroquinone TBHQ

Cas No.: 1948-33-0
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White to light gray crystal or crystalline powder. Has a very slight special smell. Soluble in ethanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, isopropyl alcohol, ether, vegetable oil, lard, etc., almost insoluble in water (25℃, <1%; 95℃, 5%). Boiling point is 300℃, melting point is 126.5~128.5℃. It can prevent hip decay for most oils, especially vegetable oils. It does not change color when exposed to iron or copper, but can turn pink if alkali is present.

TBHQ is a safe and efficient antioxidant for edible oils, suitable for vegetable oils, lard, etc. It is particularly suitable for fried foods due to its high melting point and boiling point. This product also has good antibacterial, mold and yeast effects, and can enhance the antiseptic and preservation effect of high oil and water foods. For example, adding it to peanut oil can significantly extend the shelf life, and the antioxidant effect is four times that of other varieties; adding it to sausage and dried fish products can prevent the product from deteriorating; adding it to fried foods and instant noodles can significantly extend the shelf life. Prevent havoc.
Industrial uses: 1. Anti-aging agent in rubber and plastic industry
2. PVC additive (anti-fish eye agent)
3. Used in pharmaceutical intermediates and organic synthesis
4. Stabilizer: to prevent resins and other substances from being damaged by oxygen
5. Extend the shelf life of cosmetics or personal care products.

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