Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS

Cas No.: 624-92-0
MF: C2H6S2 
Content: ≥99.5%
Other name: Methyl Disulphid
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A colorless oily liquid with a garlic-like odor.  Denser than water and slightly soluble in water.  Flash point 40°F.  Vapors heavier than air.  May irritate skin and eyes.

It is used as solvent, intermediate of pesticides. In Oil refining industry, widely used as activator in preliminary vulcanization procedue of catalyzersused in certain products(including naphtha, gasoline, kerosine, diesel oil) hydrodesul furizalion droforming and hydrocracking process. In agricultural chemistry, used to prepare Fenthion.

Usual packing:200kg net UN-approved plastic drum; 200kg net iron drum; 21~23m3 ISO Tank

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