Methyltin mercaptide

Cas No.: 57583-35-4, 57583-34-3
MF: C22H44O4S2Sn, C31H60O6S3Sn
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Transparent and clear viscous liquid, good compatibility with PVC, compatible with C8-C12 fatty alcohols, C8-C12 fatty acids, phosphite fatty alcohol esters, grease and other weakly polar oils, non-flammable, low freezing point, even in - It is still a viscous liquid at 20℃.

Tin methyl mercaptide is a plastic heat stabilizer with superior performance. It has high thermal stability, excellent initial colorability, excellent product transparency, and also has ideal processing properties. It is suitable for various types of rigid PVC. Processing techniques such as calendering, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding.
It is mainly used for food packaging and high-definition rigid PVC products. It is also suitable for transparent films (bottles), PVC pipes, plastic steel doors and windows, etc.

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