Cas No.: 26590-05-6
MF: C11H21ClN2O
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Polyquaternium-7 is cationic quaternary ammonium salt type polymer surfactant, appearance is colorless to light yellow viscous liquid. Easily soluble in water, safe, non-toxic, with good hydrolytic stability and strong adaptability to pH changes.

1. Used in hair conditioners, it can greatly improve the modification and conditioning properties of hair. After washing, it can make the hair shiny, smooth and easy to comb, and make the hair have good wet combing, dry combing and anti-tangle properties. .
2. Used in skin care products, it is a very effective smoothing and lubricating moisturizer. Used in hydroalcoholic tanning detergents, it can produce a smooth residual film on the skin that is not sticky or greasy.
3. Used in shaving cream, it can produce rich, creamy, long-lasting foam, reduce shaving, and make the skin soft and smooth.
4. When used in foaming agents, it can quickly produce rich, thick, and long-lasting foam, making the skin smooth without any oil film.
5. This product is used in soap and other industries to reduce the swelling of soap substances in water, improve crack resistance and foaming properties, thereby significantly improving product quality.
6. In the formula of shampoo products, it has good compatibility with commonly used surfactants, such as AES, MES, 6501, OA, BS-12, APG, etc., and does not produce turbidity, precipitation and stratification.

Packing: 50kg or 125kg plasic drum.

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