Ethyl acetoacetate, EAA

Cas No.: 141-97-9
MF: C6H10O3
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Colorless liquid with pleasant fruity aroma. Miscible with general organic solvents and easily soluble in water.

It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture aminopyrine, vitamin B, etc. The dye industry uses raw materials for synthetic dyes and for dyeing film substrates. The paint industry is used to manufacture paint. Used in the organic industry as solvents and materials for the synthesis of organic compounds.

It is occasionally used in cosmetic flavors such as gardenia to give wine a fruity aroma or an elegant, non-floral top aroma. It can be used in toilet water or liquids to give ethanol a rounded feel. It is widely used in food flavors and can be used in many fruity or wine flavors, such as apples, apricots, peaches, cherries, berries and rice wine, brandy, liquor, whiskey, rum and other food and wine flavors.

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