Isobornyl acetate IBA

Cas No.: 125-12-2
Esters Content:  97%min
Isobornyl Acetate Content: 94% min
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IBA is a transparent colorless oily liquid with no moisture and impurities.
It has a pleasant, camphor-like odor reminiscent of some varieties of pine needles and hemlock, and a fresh, burning taste. May be prepared by treatment of camphene with acetic acid, usually in the presence of a catalyst; also by acetylation of isobomeol; depending on the starting material (d-camphene or ι-camphene), the resulting acetate may exhibit a slight optical activity; the commercial product is considered to be optically inactive.

Isobornyl acetate is used in large amounts for perfuming soaps, bath products, and air fresheners. However, the major use of isobornyl acetate is as an intermediate in the production of camphor.

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