Diantimony trioxide

Cas No.: 1309-64-4
MF: O3Sb2
Other name: Antimony trioxide
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Antimony trioxide is a noncombustible, odorless, white crystalline powder.

1. As a flame retardant, it is widely used in plastics, rubber, textiles, chemical fibers, pigments, paints, electronics and other industries. It is also used as a catalyst and production raw material in the chemical industry.

2. Used as white pigment, white glass, enamel, medicine, cement, filler, mordant and fire retardant coating, etc.

3. Excellent inorganic white pigment, mainly used for coloring paints. Used as a flame retardant for various resins, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, coatings, etc., and as a catalyst for petrochemicals and synthetic fibers. It is used to make mordants and opalescent agents, and is the raw material for synthesizing antimony salts. The enamel industry is used to increase the opacity and surface gloss of enamel. It is used in the glass industry as a decolorizing agent instead of arsenic acid.

Packing: 25kg/bag

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