Propylene Carbonate PC

Cas No.: 108-32-7
MF: C4H6O3
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Propylene carbonate is a clear, colorless, mobile liquid, with a faint odor.Commonly used as a solvent and as a reactive intermediate in organic synthesis. It is being considered as a potential electrochemical solvent due to its low vapor pressure, high dielectric constant and high chemical stability.

1.Used as oil solvent, spinning solvent, olefins,aromatics extractant, carbon dioxide absorbent, watersoluble dyes and pigment dispersant.
2.It can be used as stationary liquid and solvent for gaschromatography and also for synthesis of high polymer.
3.UV-curable coatings and inks.
4.It is polar solvent, used as plasticizer, spinningsolvent, water soluble dye and dispersant for plastics. Itcan also be used as oil solvent and olefins, aromaticsextraction agent. Propylene carbonate is the batteryelectrolyte that withstands harsh light, heat andchemical changes. It also has certain uses in geological beneficiation and analytical chemistry. In addition, propylene carbonate can replace phenolic resin as wood adhesive, also used to synthesize dimethyl carbonate.
5. Used as a solvent for synthetic fibers and other polymers, also used as extractant, plasticizer and other uses.
6. As an efficient solvent, it is used to remove carbon dioxide from LPG, petroleum cracking gas, oil field gas and synthetic ammonia feedgas. It can also be used as plasticizer, spinning solvent or water-soluble dye, pigment dispersant, oily solvent and olefins and aromatics extraction agent.

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